In this study the term ‘creative industries’ includes those industries that have at their core creativity, communication, and the generation of intellectual property.

The table below (adapted from the United Nations’ framework for cultural domains) provides an indicative, rather than comprehensive, guide to the creative industries included in this study.

Classifications table

Along with a comprehensive assessment of the ACT creative industries, this project will produce an interactive map with future multimodal potential.

The ACT Creative Industries: Economic, Environmental and Policy Assessment is an ACT Government and University of Canberra partnership.

It draws on the expertise of academics across four University of Canberra Research Centres.

The Centre for Change Governance is a vibrant research centre located within the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis (IGPA) and the Faculty of Business, Government and Law (BGL). The term ‘change governance’ is a shorthand for changes in the relationship between governance (how we are governed) and democracy (what it means to participate in the process through which we are governed).

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The Centre for Creative and Cultural Research brings together staff, adjuncts, research students and visiting fellows who work on key challenges within the cultural sector and creative field. Cross-cutting research themes include creative interventions for sustainable futures, creative practice and health, and Indigenous narratives and inclusion.

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National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling is an international leader in supporting strong policy through robust evidence. It is known as a national centre of excellence in microsimulation, economic modelling and policy evaluation.

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The News and Media Research Centre undertakes research which monitors the impact of digital media technologies on society. We assess the continuing influence of media content in shaping the way we communicate with each other and understand the world around us, particularly in relation to key issues such as health and the environment.

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